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Take it to the Extreme

New ultra electrolyte formula

By Hammer Nutrition

New Product - Endurolytes Extreme

Regardless of how you define "extreme," there are conditions and occasions in your training and racing when higher amounts of specific electrolytic minerals become necessary. Instead of increasing your hourly dosage of original Endurolytes capsules, you now have a convenient, more effective solution: Endurolytes Extreme.

Endurolytes Extreme

Bolstered with a hefty 300 mg of sodium chloride (salt) and 75 mg of potassium per capsule - three times more than the original Endurolytes formula - Endurolytes Extreme is guaranteed to resolve even the toughest electrolyte replenishment challenges, especially:

  • During unusually hot-weather events
  • If you're not acclimated to the weather conditions
  • If you consume a high-sodium diet
  • If you are "physiologically predisposed" to cramping (e.g. if you sweat excessively)
  • During early season training when a lack of fitness can equate to more sodium, chloride, and potassium lost

If one of more of the earlier-listed categories describes you or your circumstances, Endurolytes Extreme - available in early spring - is your answer!

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