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Hammer Nutrition Ambassador Program

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Hammer Brand Ambassadors

If you are one, please let us know — we’d like to say ‘thank you.’


Are you a Hammer Brand Ambassador? You might be, but don’t know it. We’d like to find as many of you as possible— mainly to thank you and honor you for your continuous support and encouragement. A central part of my recent “getting back to our roots” rebuilding program at Hammer is resurrecting and amplifying our Ambassador program. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll know if you’re a Hammer Brand Ambassador or not.

The community of athletes in the Hammer Brand Ambassador program is entirely different from that of our athlete sponsorship program or our VIP auto-ship program. Being a Hammer Brand Ambassador is about more than just getting discounts and free stuff. It’s simply a way for us to recognize our most ardent supporters. This is somewhat of a challenge for me because most of you do what you do for purely altruistic reasons. So I understand that some of you might not want to wear this hat, and that’s fine too. But I still want to thank you sincerely!

Archetypal Hammer Ambassador

Here’s how I might describe a Hammer Brand Ambassador: You’ve established a strong connection and affinity to my company and products based on trust and our ability to help you resolve your fueling and nutrition dilemmas to achieve better performance and overall health. You might have been a client  for decades or not, but you have taken it upon yourself to tell the world about Hammer and your experiences as your way of “paying it forward.” Or, you do it just because you want to share your discovery and news about a cool little company making great products.

You’re the one that everyone in your athletic circle refers to as the “Hammer guy,” “Hammer gal,” or “Hammerhead,” etc. You find yourself regularly talking about our products and helping to resolve the fueling challenges of other athletes. You carry extra Endurolytes and Hammer Gel when you train/race to give anyone who is bonking, cramping, and otherwise suffering the ill effects of poor fueling. You know our product line from top to bottom, and people ask if you work for the company. You certainly buy enough of our product and have enough of our clothing to make people think that. When you refer new customers to us, you don’t use our referral program because you don’t want to compromise the purity of your endorsement.

If some or all of this describes you, then you, my friend, are a Hammer Brand Ambassador! Now what? First, thank you again for everything you do – it means the world to me, and it has been my primary motivation for staying the course these past 36 years. Actually, I wish I could meet each and every one of you and thank you individually. Here’s what we will do for starters:

  • Invite you to join our Private Ambassador Facebook group (email is available for those who don’t do FB), where like-minded athletes like yourself can discuss everything Hammer, share stories, and more. This group offers us a window into your Hammer life, giving us the ability to reach out, thank you, and also publish your endeavors in Endurance News or our social media!
  • We will add extra samples, gear, goodies, and literature to your regular stocking orders. You can request specific items you would like to give away or leave them up to us.

This is what I have come up with so far. If you have ideas for this program or anything else, I’d love to hear them!

Brian Frank
Hammer Nutrition Owner & Founder

Thank you for stopping by, our official sponsorship application window for 2024 is now closed.

Offical applications for the 2025 season will open at the beginning of October.

Please email with any questions in regards to sponsorship, ambassadorship, or scholastic applications, as we are reviewing them on a case by case basis.


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