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Cellular Growth Response to Pure and Impure Water

By William Misner Ph.D.

Plant Cells are like human cells. They both show a high degree of organization; a nuclear envelope forms a barrier between DNA-Genetic Material and the Cytoplasm of the cell. Convoluted mitochondria convert glucose-like-nutrients into the plant to sustain itself for growth and replication.

Cell growth and reproduction rates define the very foundation of enhanced endurance performance. After an athlete applies imposed demands on musculature, circulation, and respiration, it is the cellular response that improves (or depresses) performance, if and when increased efforts for competition are required.

Since Eric Harr, professional triathlete, and Scott Monniger, professional cyclist, have both stated they believe distilled water is an ergogenic advantage, that it is a fluid substrate for performance merit, the question is begged, "What is the cellular-response-mechanism advantage of distilled water(free of toxins, micro-organisms and dissolved solids) over tap water or carbon-block filtered water?"

It was proposed to isolate the growth and germination rates of organic sunflower seeds and organic pumpkin seeds in an environment of tap water, carbon-block filtered water, or distilled water. In the first study the organic pumpkin and sunflower seed total growth rates (in inorganic ash) were as follows:

(7 days)
130 millimeters
125 millimeters
112 millimeters

In the second study, 10 randomly picked healthy appearing organic sunflower seeds were placed in 3 separated cleansed-sterilized containers inside a white paper towel. Then 40 milliliters of (1) tap water, (2) carbon-block filtered water, (3) distilled water were added to each container. The germination rates were completed for all 3 types of water by 120 hours, Tap water germinations completed in 102 hours, while Carbon-Block Filtered and Distilled Water germinations took 120 hours, but total growth significantly favored the seeds in the Distilled Water medium.

19.5 millimeters
21.7 millimeters
22.2 millimeters

An average of +2.27% increased rate of cellular growth in these small simple seeds is limited in scope, but nevertheless is a remarkable finding, in light of a strikingly parallel to beg the question of whether purity in hydration enhances cellular metabolism. Eric Harr, the professional triathlete, who reported using distilled water in training and competitive events generates at least a 2% personal ergogenic advantage compared to the use of other sources of water for hydration.

These are laboratory observations, not conclusive evidence. Many studies with different methodology and research technique should be completed, collected, and conclusively shown to be statistically significant, reliable, and precisely correlated within the bounds of peer-review research from comparative scientific journals regarding the benefits suggested from pure near-sterile water. There are several practical models already operant in the field. Submarines use only distilled water in the depths of the oceans, NASA astronauts in the far outreaches of space drink only distilled, and medical IV's in a drip solute procedure contain only sterile pure-distilled water. Perhaps therefore endurance athletes trudging against the barriers of time may also be field model to study benefiting by hydrating with pure water distillates.

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