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How To Fuel Guides

Fueling for Success with Hammer Nutrition

Looking for sport-specific fueling advice? Look no further than our 'Fueling for Success' guides. Inside each article you'll find specific, actionable advice to fuel right and feel great - no matter the sport or distance.

Are we missing a sport or activity that you'd like to see? Let us know!


If you're looking for general product and fueling advice, see our Product Usage Manual and 5 Secrets of Success.

The Product Usage Manual contains actionable advice on how and when to use every Hammer product. The 5 Secrets of Success contains the core fueling and recovery principles we've developed through nearly three decades of rigorous research and field testing.

Together, all these resources make for a winning combination, guaranteed!

How To Fuel Guide: 8-Hour Protocol
How To Fuel Guide: Marathon (26.2 miles)
How To Fuel Guide: Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
How To Fuel Guide: Half or Full Iron Distance Triathlon
How To Fuel Guide: Olympic-Distance Triathlon
How To Fuel Guide: Sprint-Distance Triathlon

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