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Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company founded in 1987 by Brian Frank. Hammer Nutrition provides unparalleled products, knowledge, and service to health conscious athletes all over the world. Over the years, the product line has grown from fuels & supplements to now include clothing, body care products, accessories, and more. Learn more about our company:

Brian Frank Hammer Nutrition Founder

Started in 1987, Brian Frank has grown Hammer Nutrition into one of the leading endurance fuels & supplement providers in the world. Learn all about the beginnings of Hammer Nutrition.

Hammer Jersey at an event

Our unwavering mission and core values are the bedrock foundation of the Hammer brand. This has resulted in uniquely effective products that provide unparalleled results and the extensive knowledge and support needed for people of all walks of life to enjoy peak health and performance.

Brian Frank and Steve Born on their bikes

Our staff's long history in the athletic endurance industry to provide you with superior products, knowledge, and support. Meet the minds behind Hammer Nutrition.

Quality endurance fuels and supplements

We at Hammer Nutrition fully believe in our products and the experience of our clients. Learn what goes into our products and service.

Happy Hammer Gel user

Your Hammer Nutrition experience is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We pride ourselves on the 3 prongs of our business: Products, Knowledge, and Service.

Hammer employee at work

The Hammer Nutrition team, led by Brian Frank, is passionate about healthy living and empowering people to reach their peak performance. We’re looking for people who know how to work hard and are driven to succeed.

Dealer locator image

Supporting local businesses is what Hammer is all about. Our partners are independent retailers who are passionate about customer service and care about product quality as much as margins.

International distributor highlight

We have awesome international distributors all over the world – who also provide consumer facing, 5 star service, and free educational resources for which Hammer is known.

Tour Our Headquarters

Play the video below for a guided virtual tour of the Hammer Nutrition Headquarters in Whitefish, MT


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