Chain Breaker

Chain Breaker


Signature Espresso Blend

Chain Breaker: Our signature espresso blend is the perfect choice for those who favor a darker roast. This rich, nutty blend is equally extraordinary for espresso or drip use. The Chain Breaker consists of beans from Africa, Indonesia, and the Americas which results in a complex, yet smooth cup. Available in 12 oz. bags of ground (cone drip) or whole bean.

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Big Ring
Down Shift
Early Break

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We currently offer four amazing coffee brews to kick-start your day, available in 12 oz. bags of ground (cone drip) or whole bean.

53x11 Coffee is proud to support the farmers and their families that grow the coffee we enjoy. We buy only Fair Trade, organic coffees.

Why Fair Trade?
The Fair Trade certification indicates that the coffee farmers receive a minimum price for their crop (they are also paid a premium for certified organic goods.) The coffee importer sources directly from the coffee farms and farmer groups, which shortens the supply chain and ensures the “fair price.” The greater return on coffee allows for the farmers to reinvest in the quality of their farms and the surrounding communities. Beyond price, Fair Trade means that the farms are safe for their workers (no child labor, living wages, etc.) It encourages sustainable farming and prohibits the use of chemicals and pesticides that hurt the environment and the crop. By buying Fair Trade coffee and produce, we can support these initiatives.
(Source: TransFair USA)

Why Certified Organic?
With coffee being a highly chemically treated crop, we feel it’s important to buy certified organic. The chemicals from conventionally grown coffees are harmful to us as consumers and the workers that are faced with them everyday. Our coffees are certified organic by Quality Assurance International and abide by the U.S. National Organic Program standards (there are links below if you would like to learn more.) This means that they are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals, which benefits the coffee producers and the consumers. For larger crop yield without chemicals, the growers use sustainable farming methods (crop rotation, terracing, composting, etc.) This results in richer soil, greater biodiversity, and healthier ecosystems. Certified organic coffee not only benefits our health, but it also supports the environment. By purchasing our coffees you are choosing to make a difference towards a more sustainable way of life for everyone.
(Source: Organic Trade Association) U.S. National Organic Program and National Organic Standards Board

53x11 Coffee FAQs

How long do the coffee beans last in their sealed state in the bag?

We ship coffee that is no more than 30 days from roast date and for best flavor, it should be consumed within 30 days of receipt, but will remain delicious for another 30-60 days if left in the bag, much longer if transferred to an airtight coffee bean keeper canister.

Do you test for mold?

Yes, we are SQA certified and perform a visual and sensory analysis of each lot as per ICO guidelines. This process is performed before every lot is released to production. Any lot that does not pass inspection is rejected.


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