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Hammer Guides

New to Hammer? Our guides are the perfect place to start. Find links to the 5 Secrets of Success, Product Usage Manual, Cookbook, and 2023 Product Catalog below. Once you're familiar with these materials, move on to our Essential Knowledge section.


SOS Introduction
Hammer Nutrition's 5 Secrets of Success for Endurance Fueling
1. Pre-Exercise Fueling
When and How Much to Eat Before Exercise
2. Calories Count
What and how much you consume during exercise can be the difference between crushing it and being crushed
3. Proper Hydration
What you need to know to stay in the flow
4. Electrolyte Replenishment
Resupply these vital minerals to finish strong
5. Recovery Done Right
For a better performance tomorrow, recover right today!

From the Desk of Brian Frank

The Perils of Loading
It Does Not Work!
The Myth of the All-in-One Convenience
The Myth of All Myths!
The Myth of the Balanced Diet
Why you must supplement to stay healthy, perform better, live longer
Minimum Calories Per Hour
What’s your MCPH?
Water Drinkers VS. Drink Drinkers
Plain water or a flavored drink?
Hammer Under 3 Hours and Over 3 Hours
Clearing up the Confusion

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