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Hammer Whey Protein’s Glutamine Benefits – hGH boosting nutrient


There are numerous reasons why we consider our Hammer Whey Protein to be the ideal protein source, at least for those athletes who are not exclusively plant based. One reason is how well it can enhance hormone activity and recovery during sleep, when used properly.

Hammer Whey Protein starts with the purest grass-fed whey protein isolate available; then we add a whopping 6 grams per serving of glutamine. This powerful amino acid is included because of the key roles it plays in athletic performance and human health, including: enhancing glycogen restoration processes after exercise, supporting the immune system, and helping to protect against muscle tissue wasting (cannibalization).

One thing you may not know about glutamine is its ability to release maximal amounts of human growth hormone (hGH). A 1995 study showed that glutamine supplementation raised growth hormone levels more than four times (400%!!) over that of a placebo. And, in this study, age did not diminish the increased hGH effects with participants ranging from 22 to 64 years of age.

Other benefits of hGH include:

  • Boosting optimal immune system function
  • Supporting cardiovascular health
  • Helping improve lung function
  • Protecting against osteoporosis and improving bone density
  • Positively improving many areas of brain function (for better sleep, mood, and cognitive function)
  • Powerfully assisting in weight loss and improving body composition

Because the majority of hGH is released while we’re sleeping, glutamine supplementation prior to bed is an excellent strategy. This is why we recommend consuming glutamine-enhanced Hammer Whey Protein shortly before going to bed. The benefits are three-fold:

1. The body has sufficient amounts of glutamine to release maximal amounts of hGH.

2. It provides the gut’s preferred fuel source and supports gut health.

3. It supplies the body with an excellent supply of the amino acids it needs to support muscle tissue repair and many other areas of athletic performance and overall health, much of which occurs during sleep.

The key to making this all work is to consume Hammer Whey Protein with water on an empty stomach! Carbohydrates consumed prior to sleep will cause a rise in insulin levels, which will block the hGH released during sleep.

HOT TIP: For a powerful assist, take 1-2 REM Caps prior to bed. All of the nutrients in this outstanding product will help ensure high-quality sleep, a time when hGH release is at its highest. The melatonin component in REM Caps also helps stimulate hGH release, augmenting the beneficial effects of glutamine.

Photo caption: Ryan Sipes relies on Hammer Whey Protein for his Recovery. courtesy Danny Stuart

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