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By Steve Born

Product Spotlight

"Sleep deprivation can put you in one of the worst holes you'll ever experience. It goes hand in hand with overtraining, erratic training, and poor performances." Those are words from highly respected coach Nate Llerandi, who labeled the lack of quality sleep "the ultimate performance killer."

Dr. Bill Misner elaborates with the following scenario:

You and your training partner carefully measure the optimal protein intake for the "max" in muscle growth response. You both take the exact same stateof- the-art supplements and follow the same "perfect" workout dictated by your aggressive, but prominent personal trainer. Your partner's gains are what you'd hoped for . . . what went wrong? Deep sleep patterns may mean the difference between big anabolic gains and none at all! Both bodily repair and anabolic growth occur only during quality rest, and when deep sleep patterns become routine.

While lack of sleep can have dire consequences, adequate sleep provides only positive, healthful benefits. In a typical day, a person's waking hours are consumed by trying to meet the many mental and physical demands encountered at every turn, as well as replenishing vital nutrients as they are being used up during these daily activities. In the hours remaining - during sleep - the body takes a time-out to rebuild and recharge, preparing for the day ahead.

It's fairly obvious: if you're not obtaining the right amount of high-quality sleep each and every night, not only is your athletic performance being sabotaged, but you are jeopardizing your overall health as well!

Common problem with disastrous results

Obtaining enough quality sleep is a problem that affects many people, athletes and non-athletes alike; an estimated 30-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia (Latin for "no sleep"), and 10% have chronic insomnia. According to polls from the National Sleep Foundation dating back to 1999, over 50% of adults in America experience one or more symptoms of insomnia at least some nights over the course of a week. The 2005 Sleep in America Poll reported the following percentages of these symptoms that were experienced frequently by the adult population:

  • 38% woke up feeling unrefreshed
  • 32% wake often during the night
  • 21% reported waking too early and/or difficulty falling asleep

Given that this survey was conducted seven years ago, it wouldn't be surprising if those percentages have increased even more.

I have often found - and there's a good chance you have as well - that falling asleep quickly and staying asleep can be a real challenge, and especially so after a tough training day and/or in the days leading up to a race. These specific times, when your body really needs to get a full amount of sleep, may be when it gets the least . . . definitely not a good scenario. If you're suffering from part-time or chronic insomnia, there is a good chance that you will have increased levels of stress hormones in your blood, which may compromise your immune system, potentially increasing your risk of getting sick. In addition, the precious time you spend sleeping is also the time that your body needs for rebuilding muscle tissue. Less sleep equals less time for complete and thorough recovery, which in turn equals declining performance over time.

Needless to say, the important connection that health and athletic performance have with adequate amounts of high quality sleep is hard to overstate. If you hope to ever make gains in your training without your immune system taking a beating, and if you want to ensure that you're well rested in the days leading up to a race, you need to make sure youre getting adequate sleep. That's where REM Caps comes in. Its unique formula - a proprietary blend of specific nutrients in therapeutic doses, all working synergistically - helps you derive the full benefits from a complete and thorough sleep. REM Caps is the safe, effective way to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

"Sleep deprivation can put you in one of the worst holes you'll ever experience. It goes hand in hand with overtraining, erratic training, and poor performances."


Coach Llerandi states, "If you've got your training program dialed in but aren't performing up to expectations, increasing your sleep could be the missing piece of the puzzle." Unfortunately, in today's stressful world it's oftentimes difficult to obtain adequate sleep. However, you don't have to let an insufficient amount of quality sleep compromise your health and sabotage everything you've worked so hard to achieve in your training.

REM Caps is the solution and it's ready to go to work for you. Its nutrient combination allows you to reap the health and performance benefits of a more sound, restful, and productive sleep. In addition, many general health benefits may be derived from the regular use of REM Caps, which suggests that daily use of REM Caps is worthy of consideration, whether you have sleeping issues or not.

We suggest taking 1-3 capsules 60 minutes prior to sleep. Start by taking one capsule, as that will provide 3 mg of melatonin, an amount that works for most people. HN

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