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Fully Charged - Effective & Versatile


Available in a 30-serving container or in convenient single-serving stick packs (24 per container), Fully Charged produces the results you're looking for, safely and naturally. In just a short period of time, Fully Charged has become the go to product for hundreds and hundreds of athletes competing in every type of athletic sport you can think of. If you haven't tried Fully Charged, it's time to make it your go to supplement as well. We guarantee that you will be beyond pleased with the results you receive!

Feeling more focused and alert, and having greater energy and endurance - all without that unpleasant jittery or wired sensation - are great reasons to use Fully Charged. Even better are the results that our clients have experienced - the same kind of results that you can experience using Fully Charged! No stimulants, no excessive amounts of caffeine, no artificial or questionable ingredients, and NO HYPE!

Fully Charged can be used year round prior to any workout you may be doing - endurance, strength, cross-training, etc. - and it can be used prior to multiple workouts done in a day.

Though we market Fully Charged as a pre-exercise supplement, it is absolutely 100% OK, and highly beneficial, to take during prolonged bouts of exercise. In our testing of Fully Charged, we found that the benefits ranged from 4-6 hours, sometimes longer. Many athletes that are using the product are taking another dose during their longer workouts and races (about every 3-4 hours, but sometimes as short as every 2 hours) and the feedback we've received from them has been nothing short of sensational!

When you're looking for a pick-me-up any time during your day, you can count on Fully Charged to safely and naturally help increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, promote mental alertness, and more. Unlike other pre-workout supplements or the plethora of ready-to-drink energy drinks - the primary goal of which is to apparently get you as wired and amped up as possible - Fully Charged contains no stimulants or excessive amounts of caffeine (only 15 mg per serving). With Fully Charged you can enjoy a clean, long-lasting boost of energy, without getting your heart racing and making you feeling jittery or nauseous.

The tart cherry taste is 100% natural and quite subtle; it doesn't have a chemical and/or super sweet taste that so many other pre-exercise drinks do. Most athletes will mix it in water and consume 30 minutes prior to exercise, while others will create their own unique taste, mixing Fully Charged in a water bottle containing 1-2 Endurolytes Fizz tablets. Others actually prefer to take their first serving of Fully Charged just before they start their workout or race, mixing a scoop in their bottle(s) of HEED, Sustained Energy, or Perpetuem.

Fully Charged is perfectly compatible with any and all Hammer Nutrition supplements you may be taking that are for before and during exercise, and it does not replace any of the Hammer Nutrition supplements or fuels.

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