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Coffee and cycling

For the love of the ritual

By Philip Howeth

Coffee Corner

Do you have a pre-workout ritual? Many athletes have a routine that they use to get their minds and bodies in the right state prior to an event. For some, part of their pre-event routine might involve eating a specific food, wearing a certain "lucky" clothing item, or listening to their favorite band. Rituals can be a little on the odd side too. Some professional athletes are just as famous for their pre-race routine as they are for athletic prowess. With all of the pre-race jitters an athlete can have, finding a ritual is a way to calm your mind, prepare your body for exertion, and help you feel grounded and confident.

Similar to a pre-race routine, countless citizens worldwide take comfort in having their morning coffee prior to the "race" pace of their day. We have a busy household, and early morning is our "pre-race" time when we carry out our ritual with the espresso machine. It is a time to collect our thoughts and take part in something together. It is when we find our calm before the storm . . . and something that provides a certainty in an uncertain day. There are many traditions and routines that different people perform around the globe. For us, our ritual is the anticipation, preparation, and consumption of perfectly roasted, Fair Trade, organic 53x11 Coffee.

There is a good reason why coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. People from all walks of life share the benefit and enjoyment from coffee. Many athletes, myself included, make coffee a part of the pre-race regimen. In fact, there have been studies showing caffeine consumption prior to an endurance event can aid in the use of fat as an energy source, while helping delay the depletion of muscle glycogen.

You can call me sentimental, but I find comfort in the fact that millions of people around the globe take part in the same ritual as I, day after day! Why not celebrate the passion of cycling and love of coffee with a cup that you can feel good about - knowing that the farmers behind 53x11 Coffee receive a fair wage, practice sustainable agriculture, and are building better, more stable communities. HN

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