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Don Moden

Endurance Athlete - Hammering Since: 1989

Hey there, my name is Don Moden from Colorado; I have been hammering since the spring of 1989! Needless to say, I’ve been around for a while. Surprisingly, my first experience with Hammer was E-Caps; I’m talking pre-gel era. I started using Training, Enduro, and Race caps in preparation for biathlon (it was ‘bi’ back then) and triathlon season that spring. I was immediately hooked, a total game changer. Throughout the past 35 years, I’ve competed in numerous endurance sports worldwide, from Ironman to Eco-Challenge to Ultramarathons. Nowadays, I primarily compete in endurance cycling events as well as self-supported bike-packing adventures. Hammering, for me, isn’t just about training and competition; it’s a lifestyle. Living in the mountains of Colorado, when I am not on one of my bikes, I am backpacking, rock or ice climbing, backcountry skiing, or hunting, just to name a few of my other pursuits. I incorporate Hammer supplements & fuels in all aspects of my life. I believe I owe much of my health and success to the decades of consistent Hammer Nutrition product usage. The fuels and supplements in my daily regimen are too long to list. I can name a few favorites, though. Since Race Caps in 1989, all the way until today, Race Caps Supreme has been a daily supplement. My favorite workout fuels are Cherry Bomb HEED and Espresso Hammer Gel, not just because they taste fantastic but because they have caffeine. No workout is ever complete without the fan-favorite Chocolate Recoverite! I am stoked to have been a Hammer athlete for decades and looking forward to many more! If you’ve been considering starting a Hammer Nutrition regimen, my only advice after many decades would be don’t wait another day!

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