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James Richman

Running, Cycling, and Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2011

Hi, my name is James Richman. I've been into endurance sports since 1978 when I ran my first marathon as a junior in high school and have been doing my best to Hammer ever since. In my early days of running, cycling, and triathlon, fueling was always a challenge because Hammer and its wonderful products were not yet available. Long bike rides required stuffing jersey pockets with fruit and snicker bars and planning my rides so I could refuel at convenience stores along the way. Running marathons was always tricky and hitting the wall was always a possibility because of limited fueling options while running.

Hammer Gel and Perpetuem were game changers for me and made is so much easier to fuel for training rides and races. In 2011, I tried my first ironman. Without Hammer's products, and particularly Perpetuem and Hammer Gel, I can't imagine doing an ironman event. Hammer Gel and Perpetuem provide consistent energy for the duration of these ultra distance events. These wonderful fueling products eliminate uncertainty around fueling and allow me to concentrate on doing my best on the day! Thank you Hammer!

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