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Jen Daniels

Mountain Biking and CrossFit - Hammering Since: 2011

Hi, my name is Jen Daniels and I have been a Hammer athlete since 2011. I first discovered Hammer Nutrition when struggling to recover from Lyme Disease.  I started taking the Daily Essentials Kit plus Tissue Rejuvenator and finally started to feel the fatigue and joint pain from the Lyme start to ease, at which point I was able to start training again. I started as a road cyclist but have recently fallen in love with mountain biking and CrossFit.  I love that Hammer has so many products that can fuel my adventures no matter what type of activity it is. From Hammer Gels (Apple Cinnamon is my favorite), Fizz to Recoverite, and Whey Protein, all your bases are covered with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. They have loads of Vegan options as well. 

Thank You, Hammer!

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