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Charlene Proctor

Competitive Dancing - Hammering Since: 2010

Charlene Proctor, a Sponsored Athlete since 2010, Hammers On! through competitive dancing in International Ballroom and Latin American Smooth and Show dance styles. With dehydration, electrolyte loss, cramping, and injuries that dancers experience by traveling on a national, year-long circuit, she initially turned to Hammer Nutrition for fueling and recovery products. Since 2010, and now as a United States Champion and Patriot Ballroom Dance Studio owner in Michigan, she continues to help educate others on nutrition and age-related challenges. ‘It’s inspiring to see athletes who are 70 to 80 years young competing in their sport,’ she says. ‘Hammer Nutrition is more than an endurance fuels company. It’s a community of support and a wealth of information on how to stay fit, fueled, and feeling successful while getting the competitive edge.’

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