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Blade Allen

Runner / Cyclist - Hammering Since: 2017

My name is Blade Allen and I've been a Hammer athlete since 2017.  I first started using Hammer products as a runner in college.  I tried almost every brand of gel and electrolyte powder, but couldn't find anything that gave me the energy I needed without the crash toward the end of the race.  I honestly thought I was the problem.  Then I found Hammer gels and HEED and I realized there is a difference in quality between nutrition products and brands.  I've never gone back.  I've been using Hammer gels, HEED, and Fizz tabs for everyday health, workouts, and races for the last seven years.  The family at Hammer Nutrition is unlike anything I've found anywhere else.  They really care about their people and are always working to make their products the best they can be for their customers. Hammer Nutrition is a special company.

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