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Bruce Balch

MTB Racing - Hammer Since: The '80s

Saturday was the ChainSmoker mtb race. It was a great race.
I placed 1st in the 55-64 group. Shawn, LV Cyclery GM, was 2nd.
I was actually 2nd overall for the 22 mile distance.
1:30:54 Finishing time

Who : Bruce Balch Client #267 Longtime SPA
What : Chainsmoker MTB Race 2023
Where : Las Vegas, Nevada
How : Race Caps, Hammer Gel, HEED, Daily Essentials, Anti Fatigue
When : May 13, 2023

At 61 years young, lifetime client and Hammer Athlete Bruce Balch is still hammering out races, landing on podiums, and training all throughout the Nevada Desert! Bruce is the most active client dating back to the 80’s with a customer #267, for perspective, we are now over and into the millions! KEEP HAMMERING Bruce!

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