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Chris Karpowicz

Endurance Cyclist - Hammering Since: 2009

Greetings Hammer family! My name is Chris Karpowicz and I have been relying on Hammer Nutrition since 2009.  After years of searching for the energy I needed for long training and races without messing up my stomach, I started using Hammer Nutrition.  I was training for my third Leadville 100 when I discovered Hammer Nutrition.  It was quite eye-opening to learn I was fueling wrong for many years.  After reading the Hammer Nutrition fueling guidelines it changed everything.  My goto mix is a combination of Lemon-Lime HEED and orange Perpetuem, with some Hammer Gels as well.  This crazy flavor combination has worked well for me for over a decade from Finishing Leadville, Gravel Worlds, Mohican 100, and winning the Funk Bottoms Gravel 200K.

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