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Ben Lustgarten

Professional Skier - Hammering Since: 2015

My name is Ben Lustgarten and I became a Hammer Athlete in 2015. I started competitive endurance sports when I was in high school running xc, nordic skiing, and doing track and field. As I progressed as an athlete I skied for Middlebury College and then decide to ski professionally full-time. As I learned about endurance sports and high level competition I knew I needed to work with a nutrition company to achieve my best results. I knew about Hammer Nutrition and after lots of research comparing ingredients, company values, sports science, and also trial and error testing, I found Hammer to come out on top! They offer natural products without all the sugar and fake flavors and coloring in most sports drinks. Their emphasis on endurance and ultra-endurance fuels helped a lot with my training when I was hitting 4, 5, or 6 hours of training a day. I never looked back and used Hammer to go on to win the 2017 US National Championships in the 30km classic race, qualify for and compete at the 2017 and 2019 FIS World Skiing Championships, and compete as part of the US Ski Team on the FIS World Cups from 2017-2020. Being properly fueled for workouts and recovering afterwards is absolutely essential to feeling strong for the next workout. HEED, Perpetuem, Hammer Gel, Fizz, and Recoverite were my daily staples in addition to many of their supplements that kept me training over 850 hours per year and feeling good! It is really a privilege to work with Hammer and their awesome team who supported me all these years. Having such healthy, natural, sugar-free sports nutrition products made in the USA is pretty special!

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