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Alice Kassens

Runner - Hammering Since: 2013

Hi, my name is Alice Kassens, and I have been a Hammer athlete for over a decade. My first experience with Hammer was at a HOT trail half marathon. The race offered endurolytes which I tried and survive the race. Not only did I survive the heat and grueling course, but I thrived. I have been a dedicated Hammer fan ever since. I am primarily a runner, competing in events from the 800 (track) to the marathon. As I have aged, I have turned to swimming to supplement my running and "replace" some of the pounding. Regardless of the sport, Hammer has products that help me through training and even injury. From the Recoverite after tough workouts, to gels on long runs, to Endurolytes over the summer months, to the great gear, nothing compares to Hammer. If you have not given them a try, what are you waiting for?

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