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Terry Stern

Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2014

Hi, my name is Terry Stern, and I have been a Hammer athlete since 2014. My first experience with Hammer Nutrition products came via my Coach / Brother, who was a Hammer Athlete for several years. Before, I used ‘products’ I found at a local sporting goods store. I never felt my best racing as I got into the sport of Triathlons. I grew up playing traditional American sports- Football, Basketball, and Baseball. And pre-game, in-game, and post-game nutrition was never taught. The only ‘sports nutrition’ we got was a carbo-loading dinner the night before a game and water during the games. My Coach / Brother introduced me to proper nutrition and fueling for an endurance athlete. I figured since he was an Ironman All-World athlete, he knew a thing or two about nutrition and fueling. Hammer Nutrition has so many products that are easy on your GI/stomach, free of bad ingredients (i.e dies, sugar, high fructose corn syrup…), and there are so many options for all levels and distances of endurance events to keep you properly fueled. I've been hooked on Hammer products, especially Hammer chocolate GEL, Grape Fizz, and Orange Recoverite, since my first try. Thank you, Hammer, for all you do for endurance athletes.

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