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Melanie Mociun

Endurance Athlete - Hammering Since: 1996

Thirty-two years ago I was introduced to E-Caps at a running race in San Francisco. At the time I was participating in Master's Swimming and local running events. I was impressed by how good I felt during and after racing when I used E-Caps. I continued exploring the other E-Cap products available at the time - I loved them all - especially because they did not contain refined sugar and I was spending significant time on podiums!

My passion for sporting events expanded over the years - Adventure Racing, Triathlon, Distance Cycling, Marathons, and Outrigger Canoe racing. In 1996 I sent a letter to E-Caps, to ask to be considered as a sponsored age-group athlete. My letter was answered by Brian Frank, I was offered a coveted spot as a sponsored E-Caps Athlete! Needless to say, I was thrilled! And now, hundreds of races and events later I am still using Hammer Nutrition products every day. I proudly wear the Hammer Logo while swimming, at the gym, cycling, running, hiking, paddling and just working in the garden! My name is Melanie Mociun and I am here to say that Hammer Nutrition has truly helped me to Fuel Right and Feel Great for over three decades! Hammer On!

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