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Noah Stroud

Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2018

Hi, my name is Noah Stroud, and I have been a Hammer athlete since 2018. I started racing in triathlons in 2012 and have completed 15 70.3s, and 3 full distance (140.6), along with many sprints and olympics in the mix.  My first experience with Hammer was training for my first full distance triathlon in 2016. At that time I still did not have things dialed in the way I wanted and it was a lot of trial and error, with lots of errors. I tried HEED and Sustained Energy from the bike shop I had purchased my bike from and gave it a go! From then on I was hooked on the way it made me feel, and also the way it did not make me feel similar to some of the other products I have previously used. The biggest thing I enjoy the most about the Hammer products is the good quality ingredients along with none of the sugars and additives you get from a lot of the other fuels out there. I have had most success using Heed and Sustained Energy combined, along with Raw energy bars and Gels (for the bike), and Heed with gels on the run. I follow up with either Recoverite or the grass fed Whey protein post workouts. Aside from the best nutrition and supplements, the Hammer employees truly want you to have the best experience and they will do what they can to make that happen! Thank you Hammer for all you do and have done to help me and many others!

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