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Suzy Degazon

Ultra Distance Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2001

Hi, My name is Suzy Degazon, and I have proudly been flying the colors of HN since 2002 and was already using the products in 2001. My primary sport was Ultra Distance triathlons, were fueling can be tricky. Using Sustained Energy, incorporating Endurolytes and asking lots of questions about fueling to Steve Born, I began to race better, was not drowsy and had more even energy for my races which lasted around 30 to 50 hours! 20 years later I am still running, swimming and cycling, as well as a swim and running coach. I am a full-time scuba instructor and lead an extremely active lifestyle. My fuel of choice daily are Hammer Bars, especially the Vegan Chocolate peanut bar, on my long runs, I love the Caffe Latte Perpetuem and could not imagine not having endurolytes and HEED. At the end of a busy day or training, Recoverite always hits the spot! Every Day is a Hammertime day! Grateful to Hammer Nutrition for the great products and knowledge. Proud to be a Legacy athlete.

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