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Steven Terry

Trail Runner - Hammering Since: 2014

I have been Hammering since 2014 and while it started with some HEED and Gel, I quickly realized the full scope of the Nutrition offered in addition to fuels. As someone who's been around the Endurance Sports Industry since the 90s, I just assumed Hammer was all powder and gel... and I was wrong. As my racing and adventures took me from 2 hour Mountain Bike Races to many more hours and sometimes days on the bike or on foot- Hammer was right there with the support I needed to keep going longer... much longer!

I am primarily a trail runner these days as far as racing goes and enjoy consistently finishing at the front end of the pack and typically top of the Masters-aged crowd, with 50k distances being my "sweet spot." In between racing, I am fortunate to be able to introduce people to the Grand Canyon backcountry through guided backpacking trips with REI. The sense of awe we share with our clients in the Canyon certainly fills the space that podium finishes once did... and it's a great way to share my love of all things Hammer.

Every once in a while, I go for a long walk- like my Self-supported Section Hike of the entire 800mi Arizona Trail, all in 2021... The logistics of that project were as time-consuming as the 15 days of trail time it took to complete, but having the full Hammer Nutritional arsenal and knowledge base to use it made for a successful adventure... I relied on HEED, Endurolytes, Recoverite, Hammer CBD, Perpetuem, Anti-Fatigue Caps, Liquid Endurance, and Hammer Bars to carry everything I needed with me and just relied on water found on the trail. That's #howihammer

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