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Suzie Cooney

Ocean Athlete - Hammering Since: 2010

Aloha, I’m Suzie Cooney from Maui, Hawaii. Hammer Nutrition has been an integral part of my personal success as an athlete as well as the key ingredient to all my training clients’ wins as early as 2010. As an ocean athlete, I can’t tell you how many times HEED and the Gels helped me cross the deep channels of big open oceans from island to island without cramping or dehydration. When I wrote the world’s number one selling book for stand-up paddlers, How to Increase your Stand Up Paddling Performance, Beginner to Elite; I dedicated an entire chapter to Hammer Nutrition and made sure the world knew the right way to fuel. My daily nutrition and in-between race and event fueling always includes the Vegan Protein Bars along with the Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder. Hammer Nutrition’s amazing founders and team have always been there to support my athletes, my events and much more over the many years. I am so very grateful for the superior products and the level of medical research that goes into every product. They really make you feel a part of the Hammer Family.

Suzie Cooney, CNTC, CPT
NASM Personal Trainer/Coach 2001
Advanced Nueuro-Transformational Coach (Neuroscience)

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