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Rick Wiegert

Ultra Runner / Cyclist - Hammering Since: 2014

Richard ('Rick') Wiegert here, and I have been a Hammer sponsored athlete from 2014-2023. My first experience with Hammer was late 90s, when doing triathlons and trail running and I discovered…’e-Caps!’ I was military (retired in 2005) at the time, and being an athlete was literally part of the job description given what I was doing. Around that time, a good friend turned me onto mountain bike racing and I fell in love. As I grew to love cycling in all aspects, I engaged with more and more HAMMER products and realized they became part of my ‘kit.’ You’ll always find RECOVERITE, PROTEIN, various HAMMER Bars and Gels in my pantry. You’d also find bottle of ‘Endurolytes’ scatters around! In addition to amazing, CLEAN, fueling and recovery products, HAMMER has also educated me and helped me be a better, stronger, and smarter athletes in so many ways! In addition to a demanding profession, I’m also a small business owner (USAC pro race cycling mechanic) with a small studio/shop, where I introduce HAMMER to many of my clients, and honored to have contributed (Gravel racing and bike prep) twice to ENDURANCE NEWS. While currently working through some injuries, I’m still training and will be doling some gravel events this year, and as always, I’m proud to represent! If you are ever in NC, look me up!

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