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Nick Castellano

Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2007

I been using hammer nutrition since 2007. As a life long athlete and elite trainer and coach with over 30 years of experience in competitive racing and working with clients at all levels. I learned the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and using Hammer Nutrition products is a huge part of that lifestyle.

I started competing in triathlon 2003 during which I raced sprints triathlons, Olympic half and full IM’s. In between I ran ultra races local 5k- half marathons. During which, I first tired hammer gels and heed at the events I participated in which, were supported by Hammer Nutrition.

In 2012 I organized a triathlon team for equinox fitness on LI NY. The team trained and raced together raising money for different charities. At this time I contacted hammer nutrition to ask if they would like to be a sponsor for the team. The name was let kids tri (LKT). Hammer agreed and started sponsoring and supporting the team with bottles, gels, heed, endurolytes and recoverite. As well with giving nutritional information to the team.

While using their supplements, I began using their vitamin line. These are the supplements and vitamins I use. HEED, hammer gels, endurolytes extreme, fully charged, energy surge and race day boost. I found them to help with my explosive energy to attach climbs in a sprints. Hammer energy bars and perpetuem solids during my long rides and races (I find using them are easier for me to manage my calories intake during training and racing.) Recoverite immediately after my racing/endurance training to help with recovery. I use hammer whey protein within 20 minutes of weight training. I also make smoothies for a quick breakfast or as a mock meal during the day. The vitamins I use are essential mg, race caps supreme, mito caps. After I fractured my hip in cycling accident to help with healing and for bone strength. They are AO booster, boron and enduro-d.

Things I learned:
Life is defined in seconds.
Winning is all about starting.
Self is strength.
Helping others to believe in themselves will help us to believe in ourselves.
Training will teach you what you’re made from.
Quitting is not achievable.
Eating the right food is important to achieve healthier lifestyle.

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