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Race Day Boost
Race Day Boost

Race Day Boost

Get the boost you need
  • Optimizes aerobic capacity
  • Increases endurance
  • Helps reduce unpleasant "burning sensation"

Race Day Boost is a vital part of the Race PR Kit



made in usa vegan no added sugars Gluten Free

Race Day Boost greatly enhances the performance of your body’s three energy production pathways. That means, no matter what your race pace may be—low-to-moderate intensity, higher intensity/ anaerobic, or flat-out sprint—a four-day load with Race Day Boost delivers the goods to help you meet or exceed your race day expectations. Race Day Boost superbly buffers lactic acid and dramatically improves oxygen utilization, which is why it’s no surprise that, in the most extensive research to date on Race Day Boost’s primary ingredient, study subjects enjoyed a whopping 8% improvement in performance time.


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