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Jane McKee

Competitive Paddler - Hammering Since: 2021

Hi, my name is Jane McKee and I have been a Hammer athlete since 2010. I had tried many different race and recovery products over the years but did not have much success with them. Our local sports store started carrying Hammer products and I was thrilled with my results after using them. I am a competitive one-man Canoe paddler living in Hawaii. There is no downtime; we race year-round. I also race Standup paddle boards, Prone paddle boards, Hawaiian sailing canoes, 6-man canoes and compete in local canoe surf contests annually. I discovered that Perpetuem is the perfect fuel for the high energy demands of single-outrigger canoe racing. Unlike other endurance sports, the high stroke rate it takes to get onto bumps (waves) can sap your glycogen levels fast. Instead of an even demand for calories, a race can mimic hours of interval training. The complex carbs in Perpetuem help keep those calories available, while the protein feeds me along the way and keeps my blood sugar steady. I always carry Hammer Gels for that last push or when my muscles start to fatigue. I can feel the glycogen going back into my muscles to get me to the finish with a solid effort. This has been my tried-and-true combination for over a decade! I have added Anti Fatigue Caps and Race Caps Supreme to my pre-race regimen, and endurance has improved, and I recover faster to start that next training session. I have had great results with the Tissue Rejuvenator. I have experienced less soreness after a hard workout or race with them. I am thrilled with the results I have gotten from trying new Hammer Products while remaining satisfied with the ones I have used over the years. Thank you, Hammer!

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