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Georgi Stoychev

Endurance Biking - Hammering Since: 2023

Hi, my name is Georgi Stoychev, and I have been a Hammer athlete since 2023. My first experience with Hammer was when I crewed for Marko Baloh at Race Across America 2019. Nutrition has always been a big problem for me, especially in events lasting 24 hours or multi-day racing. Learning about proper fueling from Hammer through all of the helpful knowledge articles online and free PDF books has been a game changer. Having the Hammer athletes meetings and getting direct feedback from Brian and some elite athletes has also helped me a lot to make the best decision & fuel properly in order to achieve big results. I DNF a few events due to GI distress and decided to take nutrition more seriously as good fitness alone is not enough. I feel much more confident now after learning what I need to eat before, during, and after events. If I ever have questions, Hammer is always there to answer.

Hammer Nutrition has been a game changer; very easy on the stomach and has no bad ingredients. The variety of products and flavors is something I really like as well. My favorites are Heed, Sustained Energy, and Perpeteum. I am usually not a big fan of gels, but can tolerate Hammer Gels just fine.

Thank you, Hammer Nutrition ! ! !

Not sure if you need accomplishments in my bio but here you go:

  • 2022- World 12h Championship- 235.2 miles. 1st Age Group, 7th Overall
  • 2022- Psycho 12h – 1st Age Group 250 miles!
  • 2022- Mid Atlantic 24h Overall Champion – 418 miles
  • 2021 – Mid Atlantic 24h Overall Champion – 408.3 miles
  • 2021 – Bike Nonstop US mixed terrain – 3rd Overall. 3472 miles in 21 days 13 hours 31 minutes.
  • 2020 – Maryland Cross State Record Holder S-N
  • 2019 – WUCA 24h Series – 2nd Overall 30-39
  • 2019 – Paris Brest Paris finisher in 65h17min. First Bulgarian Finisher at PBP 2019
  • 2018 – Mid Atlantic 12h Champion 30-39
  • 2017 – WUCA 12h Series – 3rd Overall 30-39
  • 2017 – Mid Atlantic 12h Champion 30-39
  • 2016 – National 12h Champion 30-39
  • 2003 Bulgarian Mountain Bike National Championship - Silver Medal
  • First Bulgarian born to ever Qualify for solo RAAM ( 5 times )
  • 5 x 1200 Grand Brevets uncluding 2x Paris Brest Paris

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