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Matt Sommer

Triathlon / Multisport - Hammering Since: 2004

My name is Matt Sommer and I have been a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete since 2004. I was first introduced to Hammer Nutrition products through a close personal friend of mine that was an avid triathlete. At that time, I was only participating in running races, but quickly turned to multi sport races and became hooked. Hammer Nutrition products have always been an integral part of my fueling, recovery and day-to-day lifestyle! Having worked closely with Steve Born, I’ve been able to dial in my race day nutrition and training nutrition to where it is a seamless process no matter the race distance. Knowing that my nutrition is dialed in, I can focus on just racing!! We all know how great the Hammer Nutrition fuels are, but I personally believe the Daily Essentials are the key to staying healthy and my racing longevity. There is no doubt in my mind, that I would not be a perennial USAT All-American Triathlete or an 8x consecutive Boston Marathon finisher without the support and products from Hammer Nutrition. Thank you Hammer!!

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