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Jack Finucan

Triathlon - Hammering Since: 1994

My relationship with Hammer Nutrition goes back to my first entering the world of triathlon. While my first triathlon was in Chicago in 1993, we moved to Orlando, Florida, six months later. I had read of an Orlando triathlete, Jeff Cuddeback, who was extremely successful and lived close to me. Jeff, who is a Hammer sponsored athlete and coach, outlined a Hammer nutrition plan for me in the summer of 1994.

In 1995 and 1996, I facilitated three triathlon training camps for Jeff, along with pro Alec Rukosuev and Iron-gent Jim Ward as coaches. I learned more about Hammer products at the first camp and while I used other products, I really liked how all the Hammer products were designed to work together. In addition, the mainstay of Hammer’s mantra was that no product contained simple sugars and they would not upset your stomach.

I continued racing over the years and hit my 100th triathlon in 2010. I just completed my 203 rd tri in November of 2023, winning 35 with 33 Seconds and 23 Thirds. I’ve maintained a 45% rate for podium finishes over the years. I also completed 5 marathons, 9 half-marathons, 4 ultraruns, and numerous 5k and 10k events. I credit all my continued success (now at age 70 and retired) to Hammer’s great products. My mainstays are Perpeteum (Caffe Latte), HEED (Orange), Hammer Gel, Recoverite (Orange), Endurolytes Extreme (invaluable in Florida!) and Anti-Fatigue Caps, along with some occasional other products.

I am really excited at being named a Hammer Legacy Athlete and enjoy bringing smiles to people’s faces when passing out samples at events. Standing on the podium in Hammer livery demonstrates the effectiveness of Hammer products in keeping older competitors racing and younger people fast. It’s very satisfying to know you’re representing a line of products which will help people to improve and enjoy their racing performances.

My favorite Hammer Nutrition product must be Perpeteum in the Caffe Latte flavor. I drink a scoop with water every morning before any workout. The delicious taste, the mix of complex carbs and protein, the spark from the coffee, and the fact that it’s great hot or cold makes it the perfect energy drink for me. It always produces an even flow of energy for me and never produces any blood sugar spikes which I sometime endure as I am hypoglycemic.


  • Riverfront International Distance Triathlon 10/06/22
  • 1st in AG 65-69
  • 28th in male category
  • 39th Overall with 2:33:56
  • Swim time: 18:38
  • Cycling time: 1:09:49
  • Running time: 1:02:39
  • 15K in Indian River, Cocoa, FL

Pre-race fueling: Ate half a peanut and apple butter sandwich during his 1.5-hour drive and took and Endurolytes® Extreme and Anti-Fatigue Caps. One hour before the race he drank a 24oz of Perpetuem® 2.0 (2 scoops of café latte) ate one Perpetuem® Solids, and took another Endurolytes® Extreme and Anti-Fatigue Caps. 10 Minutes before the race he had a Chocolate Hammer Gel®.

During race fueling: Drank 1.5 bottles of Perpetuem® while cycling as well as another 2 Endurolytes Extreme and Anti-Fatigue Caps. During his run he had a bottle of Perpetuem® 2.0 and a Tropical Hammer Gel®.

Stats/time: Came 1st in his age group (65-69 he’s 69), came 28th in the male category, and 39th overall with 2:33:56

Swim time: 18:38

Cycling time: 1:09:49

Running time: 1:02:39

Riverside Triathlon at Cocoa, Florida race report, October 6, 2022
by Jack Finucan

Sorry if my race report is a bit long but let me start off by complimenting Chef Sandy Finucan on the fabulous ham-mushroom-bacon deep-dish quiche she prepared Saturday afternoon before the race. This delightful dish gave me to the power to finish strong.

I awoke Sunday morning at 2:30 AM (fall time-change) for the 1.5-hour drive to Cocoa, Florida, for the Riverfront International Distance Tri on the Indian River. My 186th triathlon and probably my last tri of the season and the 65-69 Age Group. Since it was so early, I ate half a peanut and apple butter sandwich on the way and took an Endurolytes® Extreme and Anti-Fatigue cap. Arriving plenty early as you never know what can delay you (and I-4 was closed for an accident and I detoured), I got the Moulton SST staged and prepared for my longest race in 2022. An hour before the race, I drank 24 oz of Perpetuem® (2 scoops/Caffe Latte), ate one Perpetuem® Solid, and took another Endurolytes® Extreme and Anti-Fatigue cap. Then a shot of Chocolate Hammer Gel® ten minutes before the start.

The .5-mile swim start was staggered with 2 swimmers jumping off the pier at 4 second intervals. Immediately I felt the much-discussed thimble/moon jellyfish sliding over my body. They don’t sting but felt like Jell-O blobs passing over you. I had a strong swim, almost 2 minutes faster than 2021 at 18:36, for first.

Heading out on the 20-mile hilly bike course (shortened 4 miles due to construction), I watched the scattered showers approaching off the Atlantic Ocean. Sure enough, rain started about mile 4 for 5-10 minutes. Nearing the turnaround for the first loop, it began again and then again around mile 16. The Moulton handled very well in the wet. The sun shone brightly between the showers and there was a 10-mph headwind on both return loops. I passed #42 at mile 3, as he beat me out of transition but then he passed me at mile 12 as I slowed to refill my aero bottle; drank 1.5 bottles of Perpetuem® on the bike. Also, another two Endurolytes® Extreme and Anti-Fatigue caps. I retook first place at mile 14 and rolled into T2 about 68 seconds ahead.

Starting the 6.2-mile run in 84’f sun, I felt very strong and was 84 seconds ahead of #42 at the first turnaround. I carried a belt bottle with Perpetuem® 2.0 and a Tropical Hammer Gel®. I lost #42 at the second turnaround as he removed his bright yellow top and moved his number to the side. At the last turnaround, my lead had shrunk to 48 seconds, so I stepped up my pace. Suddenly, at mile 5, my right hamstring cramped badly, stopping me instantly. I stretched it out repeatedly and tried running, but it cramped again. Drank some Perpetuem® and stretching again in the middle of the street, I saw #42 pass me and I thought that my win had gone. He was about 100 yards ahead when I realized I could run again and began the chase. I ran slowly, gradually building speed as I saw I was closing. With about ¼ mile to go, I realized he had slowed, and I surged past him. I didn’t want to look back to see if he was chasing until the last turn and I saw him about 2 blocks behind. I pushed hard to the finish and won in 2:33:56, 42 seconds ahead of #42. Very happy with this win, as it was tough.

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