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Nikki Barnes

Olympic Sailing - Hammering Since: 2018

Hi! My name is Nikki Barnes, I’m a Tokyo Olympian in the sport of sailing and I have been a Hammer Athlete since 2021! I first started using Hammer at the beginning of my Tokyo campaign in 2018! With our long days on the water, I used a combination of fizz electrolytes and Hammer Gel in order to keep my hydration and energy up! I discovered Recoverite when I was in the Canary Islands and we had long, strenuous days sailing in big waves and wind and the only way I could sustain myself was by adding Recoverite to my routine. When I’m in my build phase in the gym, I like to incorporate my chocolate whey protein into my berry smoothies. Hammer Nutrition is a part of every aspect of my life…  I even used it in the delivery room to get the energy I needed to give birth to my son! So here I am… as a breastfeeding mom athlete, successfully fueling and keeping my energy up with the help of Hammer Nutrition. Thanks, Hammer, for keeping me fueled as I continue my Olympic training!

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