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Dusty Dustyn

Triathlon / Ultra Cycling - Hammering Since: Back in the Day

Dusty’s been in competitive sports all her life: cross country, track, gymnastics, dance, racquetball, (even trained as a Hollywood stunt double while at UCLA), USCF/USA cycling, triathlon, and more recently, ultra cycling. Well, “short ultras”, as she puts it - team 500s, double centuries, 300 stage races, and her favorite: the 12-hour world championship in Borreggo Springs, where she has one women’s overall win along with several 60+/70+ titles.

Competitive by nature, and gifted with a high vo2 max, Dustyn has raced nationally and internationally since her teens. “I’ve alway had focus, and I met success early on in running cross county and track, landing a scholarship at UCLA in the early 70s. I captained of our team, the first women’s athletic scholarships in the country. While my teammates became Olympians, I was twice named “alternate” on international teams. That just means you stay home and train while your friends are racing in Europe, so I never actually felt successful in track. I switched to cycling in the mid-80s, after a few running injuries, and fell in love with the long open roads and freedom from being hyper-coached. I focused on TTs and again raced well nationally and internationally, with a 40k best of 1:00:06, which at that time, was a mark of success. (aero equipment consisted of Scott clip-on bars.and wheel covers!) I picked up a couple of 5th place finishes at Masters Worlds, and a silver at Austria’s Tour de Styra. This was a heyday of women’s cycling, with the premier event being the 10-day Ore Ida Pro Women’s Stage Race in the 80s, which I raced twice.

While there was a long layoff from competition in her 40s and 50s, following her husband’s near fatal bike crash in 1993 (which left him quadriplegic), she never stopped running, staying in shape “to maintain sanity, and just in case something interesting came along”. As she neared 60, she longed for the “thrill of victory”, the adrenaline rush, and the bonds of friendships formed with competitors from around the world. She entered Half Iron triathlons, realizing, “I had a drive that would get me to the finish line, no matter what”.

And life would have it, Seana Hogan mentored her into the world of ultras. Mentored by the best, she raced three team SS 508s and two RAAM Texas Stampede 500, string course records in both. “My fave event is the 12 & 6 hour world championships ~ the camaraderie, the lap course, the desert climate - I’m feel at home in Boreggo Springs, riding solo for 12 hours in Saturday’s race, then again on Sunday in the 6- hour race.

At 72, I’m planning to enjoy my happiest decade ever! Since I’m fueling with Hammer Nutrition, I know I have an edge - maxing out my performance with Sustained Energy, Anti-Fatigue Caps, and BCAA, and recovering with Chocolate/espresso Recoverite and my Compex unit so I can race strong the next day. I also rely on PIC, Phytomax, Essential MG, and Boron. Steve Born’s personal consult means I have it dialed in — no cramps, no stomach issues.

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