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Paul Monaco

Endurance Athlete - Hammering Since: 2004

Hi! My name is Paul Monaco and I am an outdoor enthusiast. I have been fueling with Hammer Nutrition since 2004. When participating in any endurance activity, whether its snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, enduro riding, or trail running, fueling your body correctly is important to overall success.  A few years after I started using Hammer products, I became a Hammer Nutrition sponsored ambassador athlete.  In my early years as an athlete, most of my time was devoted to road cycling. I would create 200 mile cycling routes and ride for hours in a day. As I was cycling and getting serious about racing I found a coach.  He advised me about cross training. With cross training plans and Hammer Nutrition for fueling I saw a drastic improvement in my racing.  One of the cross training plans was adding in long distance trail running and road running.  I fell in love with running mainly because it is so peaceful in the middle of the woods. There is no traffic, no cars, just peace in the wild. Early in my running career I signed up for the Vermont 50 trail run.  I had limited training for the event but with fueling correctly and having an endurance background I was able to finish in 7th. I also did the Bear 100 ultra race which traverses from Utah to Idaho. I have completed multiple road marathons and ultra 50 runs all fueled with Hammer products. I have learned over the years that fueling correctly is the key to my success.  Never once in my years of being with Hammer Nutrition did I bunk, cramp, or DNF.  Thank you to the Hammer staff and effective Hammer products for helping with my progress and success. A few products I mainly fuel with include Perpetuem, Race Caps, Race day boost, Enduromega, Endurolytes, Hammer Gels, Fully Charged, Anti Fatigue, Fizz, Premium Insurance Caps and of course Recoverite. I am proud to be a motivating and inspiring Hammer Nutrition Legacy Athlete and will continue to promote Hammer as my first choice for fueling!

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