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Deborah Bliss

Triathlon - Hammering Since: 2012

It was July of 2012. I was in the waiting room at my chiropractor’s office and started thumbing through a publication from a company I’d never heard of...Hammer Nutrition. What caught my eye was the information about Mito Caps; I was about to turn 65, and countering the effects of aging was on my mind. I had only 3 years previously discovered triathlon, finding that it filled a hole in my life. (When I was a youth, pre-Title IX, there were very limited opportunities in sports for women and girls.) Although I could tell I needed some exercise fuel, I wasn’t happy with what I got at the supermarket. So, I placed my first order for some supplements and fuels from Hammer Nutrition. Fast forward. As time went on, I got increasingly serious about triathlon, even enjoying competitions at the national and international level, with all the improved coaching, equipment, nutrition, and supplementation that this entails. More importantly, I became increasingly committed to attaining optimum health during my final decades of life.  To me, this means maintaining a state of athletic fitness and a clean and healthy diet. I rely on Hammer fuels to empower my workouts and events and on Hammer supplements to fill in the gaps even in my excellent diet and to boost my energy-producing systems specifically. They are an investment enabling me to live my best life.

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