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Corky Semler

Triathlon / Road Cyclist - Hammering Since: 1995

My name is Corky Semler.  In 1995, I was an avid runner and Triathlete coaching at an Elite swimming camp at Kenyon College.  While eating a meal with some of the other coaches, I noticed an energy bar sitting on the placemat of a researcher from Indiana University who was doing some testing on the camp participants.  When answering my question about my first look at a Hammer bar, he responded by saying that it was his main fuel source when completing successfully, the famous cycling race, ‘Race Across America’, which he successfully completed twice.  He explained further that he knew the owner of the company from college and explained the he was confident of any product this man produced simply based on his character and integrity.  That got my attention quickly!

Since then, I have done hundreds of races, running, cycling and swimming including numerous triathlons, and currently an Aqua-Bike, (age group, two time national champion) and road cycling specialist, I have relied on Hammer products to keep my nutritional levels at optimal levels, both during training and race phases but also to insure proper recovery.  As a swimming coach, I always recommend their products to my athletes, often to their great advantage.

I support Hammer nutrition because of the excellent research based products, the outstanding educational material found on their website and the personal attention one receives when purchasing or having inquires about their products!  If you’re interested in the pursuit of excellence, Hammer nutrition is a great place to land!

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