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Dean Karnazes

Ultra Running - Hammering Since: 2008

Though my real name is Constantine, most people know me as Dean. I’ve been familiar with Hammer Nutrition since Brian Frank founded the company back in 1987. Having studied Food Science and Human Nutrition in graduate school, I was fascinated by which foods, liquids and supplements worked the best for sports performance. One of my biggest regrets as an athlete is that I didn’t take to Hammer Nutrition in earnest until 2008. But it’s been a torrid love affair ever since. Hammer Nutrition is the one place I can confidently go for all my endurance sports and wellness needs, from fueling, to supplementing, to caffeinating (if you haven’t tried the 53x11 organic coffee you don’t know what you’re missing!) to clothing and gear. Though beyond all of the great products, Hammer Nutrition has become a family. The company ethos is part of my very fabric. Thank you Hammer Nutrition. The years have gone by, but because of you I’m #stillhammering.

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