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Alicia Schultz

Ultra Running - Hammering Since: 2008

During college, it was important to stay in shape, so I started running. My passion continued, and I did my first triathlon 23 years ago.

As a hammer athlete for the past  15 years (or more), I have definitely gotten to know my nutritional needs. During my first marathon in 1991, I had no idea how to fuel.  As time passed, I tried many different products, but nothing compared to Hammer’s. Now, after many 70.3 races (too many to count) and 9 full Ironman, including 3 World Championships in Kona, I am in tune with what is needed to keep me fueled.

I just love the Hammer Gel, especially espresso, and use many other products as well. My day starts with a shake made with Hammer vegan chocolate protein, and after a workout, it is Hammer Recoverite.

Race Day Boost (4 days before a race) and Endurolyte Extreme are part of my normal routine.

I also find that the tissue rejuvenator and BCAA help with recovery.

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