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Customer Service Questions

If you have a specific question, please don't hesitate to
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As a client commented recently, we do actually take your feedback seriously and we do honor your requests whenever possible. One thing that has been annoying you and me is the half full containers of HEEDRecoveriteSustained Energy, and Perpetuem. Despite what some have suggested, the containers do contain the correct number of servings and no one is getting shorted, it's just wasteful. Believe it or not, the containers are full to the brim at the time they are manufactured. However, the fine powder and all of the gravitational pull on the containers as they are being transported from Wisconsin to Montana and then to your door causes this extreme amount of settling to occur. Despite this obstacle, we are currently testing new inline agitators and other methods of "presettling" the powders so they can be put into smaller containers. This is going well and we expect to be able to reduce the container sizes soon. However, the ultimate goal is to get away from the stiff high-density polyethylene containers and go to large envelope or pouch style bags. These will have almost no wasted space and are much easier to recycle.

To add to this, everyone must realize that "going green" sounds all well and good, but it rarely costs less or even the same as traditional packaging. In fact, it can cost a lot more, which will then be passed on to the end user. In another way, the same goes for "refilling" - People are very concerned about food safety and current regulations prevent us from using already been used containers a second time. We do our best to be conservation minded and to be responsive to our consumer's concerns, but they are/can be contradictory (i.e. lower our prices and increase our costs with more recycling/environmentally friendly packaging). As with most things in life, we cannot give you your cake and allow you to eat it too in some instances.


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