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Why Eat Junk Food Disguised As Nutrition Bars?


The Organic Vegan Food Bar energy bar, introduced in 2002, has been a big seller, despite the fact that you can buy a variety of inexpensive energy bars on just about every street corner. The makers of these bars may have had a late start into the energy bar game, but they have proven that there is still room in the category for a premium quality organic product.

Their success has led them to other variations of the original bar. We don’t offer these other versions of the Organic Vegan Food Bars, but you can find them with increasing ease at health food stores and whole food markets.

When Steve Born first introduced me to Organic Vegan Food Bars years ago, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the ingredients, pleasant taste, and moistness. As the makers point out on their label, “Most ‘health bars’ are acid forming processed dead food with artificial sweeteners and ingredients. Organic Food Bar is your solution to eating healthy on the go. Our bar consists of enzymatically-live organic super foods that provide optimum nutrition for all.” Their label also states “No preservatives, additives, salt, or refined sugars. Gluten-Free.”

Hammer Nutrition’s “Mini” Organic Food Bar

My only reservation about the original bar was its size. At a full 300 calories in a 68-gram bar, it’s 50–100 calories more than most bars and more than I usually eat as a snack. I would usually eat half of a bar and save the other half for my next snack time.

Whether my asking them to make a smaller bar had anything to do with it or not, my wish has been granted, in the form of a 200+/- calorie, 50-gram version. I think this is the perfect size for a snack bar. If you do elect to eat solid food during extended periods of exercise, this is a much more manageable size.

Hammer’s five different flavors of the delicious, date-based raw food bars consist of Almond Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Cranberry, and Oatmeal Apple. We now only carry what used to be called “mini” food bars at a great price of only $2.50 (SRP is $2.99).

Here’s a run-down of the original 300-calorie bar’s premium ingredients: Organic Almond Butter, Organic Date Paste, Organic Brown Rice Protein, Organic Raisins, Organic Flax Sprout Powder, Organic Soy Sprout Powder, Organic Quinoa Sprout Powder, Organic Sesame Seeds, and lots of love!

The only difference in the makeup of the “mini” bar is that they left out the soy and quinoa sprouts.

If you haven’t tried these bars yet, you really should. If you’ve been enjoying the bars but wishing they were a little smaller, then our mini bar is going to be perfect for you. You can order them from our website or by calling us. Yes, they are worth the trouble and extra expense. Actually, the point is that your health is worth the extra trouble and expense!

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