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Phytolean + ChitoLean

Weight Management Combo Extraordinaire!


10 years ago, we introduced Phytolean, a safe and highly effective weapon for weight loss. Its formula was simplicity itself, just two nutrients/compounds, but oh, its effectiveness was undeniable. 10 years later, Phytolean remains the “go to” product to help prevent weight gain for us who love starchy carbs (rice, pasta, bread, etc.) and oftentimes find ourselves overdoing it.

A 2-capsule dose of Phytolean contains the following ingredients:

400 mg of Razberi-K® raspberry ketone - This is a natural bioactive compound found in raspberries that helps with weight reduction through two mechanisms:

  • Enhancing the breakdown ("burning") of fat - Raspberry ketone increases secretion of the hormone adiponectin and a process known as norepinephrine-induced lipolysis. Both of these effects enhance fat metabolism.
  • Decreasing fat absorption and storage - Raspberry ketone assists in inhibiting trioleoylglycerol hydrolysis, a primary step in the fat-absorption process.

1,000 mg of Fabenol Max® Phaseolus vulgaris L. - This extract from the white kidney bean (phaseolamin) is commonly referred to as a "starch blocker” due to its ability to reduce the activity of the alpha-amylase enzyme, which is involved in starch breakdown and sugar absorption. With less alpha-amylase enzyme available, higher amounts of carbohydrates (primarily starchy ones) pass through the body instead of being assimilated into sugars and stored as body fat.

Effective? You bet! Two capsules of Phytolean will block 300 grams (that's 1,200 calories!) of starchy carbohydrates from being absorbed and turned into stored fat!

A bit less than 4 years ago, we introduced the perfect companion to Phytolean, the incredibly effective fat-blocker supplement ChitoLean (pronounced: CHIT-uh-lean). This formula is headed up by chitosan (CHIT-uh-san), a nutrient derived from shellfish that effectively binds with fat in the intestine and blocks absorption. This “fat blocking” effect not only assists with weight loss but also helps normalize cholesterol levels and aids in inhibiting unhealthy deposits of fat that accumulate in the lining of the artery wall.

ChitoLean also contains the following complementary nutrients:

N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid, and, like all forms of L-carnitine, it is THE nutrient that transports fatty acids into cells for the production of energy. Without adequate supplies of L-carnitine, fatty acids cannot be effectively burned as a fuel source.

Vitamin C helps activate chitosan in the stomach and intestines into a fat-absorbing gel, increasing the fat-binding effects of chitosan. Research on guinea pigs using either chitosan or a chitosan/vitamin C combination concludes, “Vitamin C increased the fecal fat excretion by chitosan in guinea pigs, thereby reducing body weight gain.”


During the off-season, many athletes resign themselves to weight gain, courtesy of training less and eating more over the holiday season and well into January and longer. If that scenario sounds all too familiar, don't be dismayed. With a bit of effort on your part—and a powerful assist from Phytolean and ChitoLean—2024 can be the year you enter your training season without carrying unwanted pounds.

Of course, healthy eating, portion control, and regular exercise play important roles in reaching and maintaining your desired weight as well. And if you limit snacking and reduce your starch intake in the afternoon and evening, you'll start experiencing significant weight loss!

Bottom Line: With Phytolean and ChitoLean—and yes, you can use them both together!—you have an unbeatable weight-loss/weight-management combination that goes to work for you from the very first dose!


What is the best way to use chitolean and Phytolean together?
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Though PHYTOLEAN does affect some areas of fat metabolism, its primary method of action is as a starch blocker. CHITOLEAN, on the other hand, does little-to-nothing with carbohydrates (starch or otherwise), but instead is a very effective fat blocker. Like Phytolean, ChitoLean is not necessarily a daily use supplement. Instead, you should reserve ChitoLean use for when you’re consuming a meal that contains a lot of not-so-great fats (think: a big Italian meal with lots of fat-loaded cream sauces and butter, or a meal that includes a fat-loaded cheeseburger). You could also use Phytolean in tandem with ChitoLean. The same “big Italian meal” applies, only now we’re taking into account all of that pasta and bread. The “fat-loaded cheeseburger” meal also applies when we take into account an order of starchy French fries and the cheeseburger bun. BOTTOM LINE: When you have a high-starch and high-fat meal in front of you, definitely use both Phytolean and ChitoLean!

Special Notes on ChitoLean *

1) If you’re using ChitoLean, you will want to take all medications and healthy fats 4+ hours before or after taking ChitoLean. This is because the positive charge carried by the chitosan molecule causes it to bind to negatively charged substrates such as fat… and that includes ALL fat, including the healthy fats found in foods such as avocados, and nuts and seeds, as well as healthy oils such as virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, or the omega-3 fatty acids found in EndurOmega, our fish oil supplement.

The absorption of all fat-soluble nutrients—including vitamins A, D, E, K, and other fat-soluble nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10 (Race Caps Supreme) and everything that’s in AO Booster—will also bind to chitosan, which means that they won’t be absorbed. That’s NOT what you want!

2) Because chitosan is a fiber, you should consume 8+ ounces of water when you take your ChitoLean and start your meal. That will help make the product work even better and prevent your body from having to pull fluid away from other areas of the body to help with the digestion of the chitosan.

Deborah Mcintyre

Great article. Thanks for sharing. I will be ordering Phytolean and Chitolean

John Dawson

Great email to read fat and sloppy from the holidays. Maybe send it again next year in October :)


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