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Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past two years or so, you’ve been inundated with ads for CBD. Ever since CBD became available, companies selling CBD products have sprouted up like weeds. And not only did many of them boldly announce “we’ve got the best product around,” but they also made some far-fetched claims. Basically, it’s “you name the problem and our CBD product can fix it,” according to a slew of these companies.

It’s not that the hype for CBD isn’t true; thousands upon thousands of people can testify that the cannabinoids and terpenes found in a high-quality CBD product have been hugely beneficial for improving sleep quality, reducing aches and soreness, helping improve immune system function, and more. But it isn’t “your biggest ally for treating cancer!” as a few companies have declared.

Perhaps the biggest issue with the glut of CBD products on the market is that many are produced by questionable manufacturers, and without lab reports to indicate the purity and THC status of the product. These same companies are usually the ones making wildly aggressive and utterly inaccurate medical claims for their products. With an overwhelming number of CBD products, along with the ridiculous claims, it’s no wonder people are confused and frustrated and hesitant to give CBD a try. We’re going to end that confusion right now.

At Hammer Nutrition, we studied the benefits of CBD years before it became permissible to produce and legal to sell in most states in the country. We were experts on CBD long before the first softgel or tincture was ever put into a dark amber bottle. Most of all, we knew that IF (big “if”) we were going to sell a CBD product that would bear the Hammer Nutrition name on the label, it would have to meet our stringent standards regarding quality and purity. And it was only after we found the best—not good, the best—manufacturing facility in the country that we felt comfortable putting the Hammer Nutrition label on it.

The bottom line is that Hammer Nutrition’s CBD offerings—softgels, tincture, water-soluble hydro, and topically applied balm—are produced from organically grown, non-GMO, USA-raised hemp. Our CBD products are a broad-spectrum formula, meaning that all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes are present, but with 0.0% THC. Certificates of analysis (COA’s) for each and every CBD product we sell are readily available on the Hammer Nutrition website. They clearly indicate what’s in the product and what’s not, assuring you that you’re supplying your body with the highest-quality CBD available, and without having to worry about failing a drug test for THC.

If you’ve been hesitant to give CBD a try, you can be certain that Hammer Nutrition’s lineup of CBD products will give you the quality, purity, and effectiveness you’re looking for, without any of the wild, nonsensical claims.

Interested in CBD but don’t know where to start? Give our CBD Sampler Kit a try! This affordable kit contains four each of the 10mg and 25mg strength softgels—which will help you determine what dose works best for you—and a 30mg sample of our pleasant-smelling and highly effective CBD balm. For those wanting to try orally dosed CBD but not yet interested in the CBD balm, our CBD Ramp Up Kit is what you’re looking for: four 10mg strength softgels and four 25mg strength softgels. Of course, we offer larger quantities of our premium-quality, highly bioavailable CBD softgels and a larger size of CBD balm, plus a variety of strengths of oil-based CBD tinctures and a water-soluble CBD form we call “Hydro,” which has the same high bioavailability as our softgels.

Just before rolling out our first CBD product a little over two years ago, Hammer Nutrition founder, Brian Frank, boldly stated, “CBD is the biggest news in sports nutrition since 1987.” I agree with Brian 100% and would add that CBD is quite possibly the biggest news in supplements for overall health as well as athletic performance. Yes, our CBD products are that impressive! Have questions? Check out the wealth of information on the Hammer Nutrition website, or give us a call; our knowledgeable client support staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. As with everything Hammer Nutrition sells, we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our outstanding CBD offerings 100%.

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