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Use Perpetuem Solids for perpetual energy!

The healthy, chewable energy source

The search for a convenient yet high-quality, solid-fuel source that isn't candy is over. With Perpetuem Solids, you have the same time-proven Perpetuem formula in easy-to-chew, easy-to-digest portable tablets. Our hunger-satisfying Solids are:

  • Fresh and tasty even in the heat
  • Steady, reliable energy
  • Convenient and easy to carry

Like our popular powdered Perpetuem, Solids contain complex carbohydrates, soy protein, healthy fats, and potent support nutrients.

Not designed to be dissolved in water, Perpetuem Solids are convenient and, perhaps best of all, they don't have a time limit on palatability or stability so there is no limit on how you Hammer. Just how we like it!

Hammer athlete Even Perperis loves his Solids. "I've been using Perpetuem Solids for three years now during Spartan events, ultras, and at the World's Toughest Mudder. The solids take a few minutes to break up and chew, but I notice a change in energy and a fullness very quickly."

Every 3 tablets of Perpetuem Solids contain 100 calories. For ultra distance events or exercise that lasts longer than 2 hours, use Perpetuem Solids alone or in combination with our other Hammer fuels, such as HEED, Perpetuem, Sustained Energy, or Hammer Gel.

(Please note: we advise that you eat them slowly and be mindful if you have dentures or dental concerns).

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