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Endurolytes Fizz



Smart athletes know that proper fueling during exercise requires more than replenishing calories and fluids. It involves consistent and adequate electrolyte support as well. And it’s not just to help avoid cramping. Optimal functioning of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular systems depends on having adequate electrolyte levels in your body!

Remember, just as you shouldn’t wait until you’re out of energy before you consume more calories or dehydrated before you drink fluids, you never want to wait until you start cramping before you replenish electrolytes. By that time, the proper functioning of those aforementioned bodily systems has already been in a downward spiral for a while.

At Hammer Nutrition, we offer a variety of options to fulfill this all-important component of your fueling. One of those options is Endurolytes Fizz, and it’s the ideal one if you prefer drinking your electrolytes rather than taking capsules.

Simply add these rapidly dissolving tablets to your water bottle to create a delicious, never overtly sweet, effervescent electrolyte drink—the same full-spectrum electrolyte support that made Endurolytes capsules famous. Endurolytes Fizz is available in five refreshingly pleasant-tasting flavors: Lemon-Lime, Mango, Grape, Grapefruit, and Cola (20 mg caffeine per Cola tablet). It’s virtually calorie-free (a mere seven calories per tablet) and contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives, of course.

When it comes to answering the question “How good is Endurolytes Fizz?” our clients are our best salespeople! Check out this small sample of over 1,100 online 5-star reviews!

"Running and jogging in heat and humidity isn't such a problem for me anymore! Always had headaches and trying to recover the rest of the day. Endurolytes Fizz really has helped so much! Thanks, Hammer!"

"Great product to use on a ride which is easy to carry in your jersey. I have also used it on hot days boating to help rehydrate and drink something with flavor. Awesome product."

"I’ve used Endurolytes Fizz in several different environments with excellent results: superior hydration and no cramps. The flavors are great as well."

"I use Endurolytes Fizz before, during, and after any exercise. It's a great way to help get your body properly hydrated and keep it that way."

"Far superior to the other effervescent drink tabs. Great flavor and they keep me from cramping in the Florida heat."

One Endurolytes Fizz tablet equals approximately two Endurolytes capsules. The tablets break at the center to allow for personalized dosing, helping you to meet your specific—and often ever-changing—electrolytic mineral requirements with great precision, no matter what the weather throws at you!

By the way, Endurolytes Fizz is NOT just for athletes! This is an ideal product for construction workers, landscapers, truck drivers, and even retired grandparents working in the yard. If what you’re doing—work, play, exercise—involves sweating, give Endurolytes Fizz a try. We guarantee you’ll love how it tastes, and even more, how it works!


Endurolytes Fizz is but one of the superb electrolyte replenishment products Hammer Nutrition offers…

Endurolytes - Our original full-spectrum formula, supplied in capsules for greater flexibility with your dosing. The modest sodium chloride (salt) content complements a healthy, low-salt diet.

Endurolytes Extreme - Designed for harsh conditions, high heat, the unacclimatized, and those with elevated salt needs, this formula, supplied in capsules, offers three times the sodium chloride and potassium content of standard Electrolytes. Despite the sodium chloride increase, the Extreme formula maintains a complete blend of electrolytes.

Endurolytes Extreme Powder - All the benefits of Endurolytes Extreme capsules in an easy-to-mix powder. Endurolytes Extreme Powder dissolves quickly and completely, with a super-subtle, natural watermelon flavor. Consume in water alone or add it to your liquid fuels according to your unique dosing needs. The mild flavor makes it easy to drink all day, while the lack of residue makes it perfect for hydration packs and bottles of any form.


Great information for proper hydration
. Both these has drastically changed my biking performance for energy and distance. I’m 73 years young and improving more my last 3 years.
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hello Thomas, thank you for your affirming comments! Congrats on your success, keep hammering and keep us posted! BDF

Thomas lippert

I have used fizz for years and .was very satisfied. But, a 40% price increase was too much. Looking for something else.

Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hi Al, Thank you for your comment and sorry about the inflation, to which Hammer is not immune . However, the price increase from $4.95 to $6.95 is actually about 30%. Some additional things to consider: This is the first price increase on this product in almost a decade. Next, there are no other product that contain a complete electrolyte profile, just a lot of salt and a random amount of potassium. Lastly, those competing products sell for around $7,50 for a 10 tablet tube. Fizz still comes in 13 count tubes. BDF

Al Fussell

HI ,
Which is best to use Heed or Fizz? I do a fully charge capsule before and use heed during my hour exercise. Also use heed when know going to work a lot.
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Which product to use depends on whether you need calories plus electrolytes (energy production and cramp prevention) or electrolytes only (cramp prevention), and it sounds like you are using both Fully Charged and HEED quite appropriately. Every scoop of HEED contains 110 calories and about the same amounts of electrolytes as found in one Endurolytes capsule or approximately one-half tablet of Endurolytes Fizz. Neither of these two electrolyte replenishment products are a calories source. Most athletes will fulfill all their calorie needs, as well as at least some of their electrolyte needs for an hour with one to two scoops of HEED in a water bottle. Heavier athletes and/or athletes competing in hot-weather conditions will oftentimes need additional electrolytic mineral support via additional Endurolytes capsules or Endurolytes Fizz tablets.

* HEED – Calories + electrolytes * Endurolytes, Endurolytes Fizz – Electrolytes only

Ted McSimov

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