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Phytolean - Your weight-control weapon


For most, the fall and winter are periods of relaxation, rejuvenation, and time with family and friends. Unfortunately, many also resign themselves to a period of weight gain thanks to a decline in activity and greater dietary challenges. If this scenario sounds familiar, Phytolean is the weight-control assistant you need to meet.

Though maintaining your ideal body composition is based primarily on making good dietary decisions in balance with your activity level, even the most mindful among us can get off track this time of year. Having indulged too heavily in the winter months, we then struggle for months to return to our target weight. This year, do something different! Take Phytolean to maximize your body's fat-burning potential, and enjoy the occasional lavish holiday meal without worry. Then start the year on track to surpass your fitness and health goals.

How It Works

A 2-capsule dose of Phytolean contains the following ingredients:

400 mg of Razberi-K raspberry ketone - A natural compound found in red raspberries that helps with weight reduction. It simultaneously increases a fat-burning process known as norepinephrine-induced lipolysis while also increasing the production of the fat burning hormone adiponectin. This increase in adiponectin additionally inhibits the absorption and storage of fat.

1,000 mg of Fabenol Max„¢ Phaseolus vulgaris L. - The extract from the white kidney bean (scientifically referred to phaseolamin) is a potent "starch blocker." This "blocking" effect is caused by a reduction in the starch-digesting enzyme alpha amylase. With this enzyme is inhibited, starchy carbohydrates are passed through the digestive tract undigested (similar to the passing of insoluble fiber), preventing their absorption and subsequent conversion to body fat.

Two capsules of Phytolean will block the absorption of 300 grams (that's 1,200 calories!) of starchy carbohydrates.

Bottom line:

Maintaining a healthy physique in our modern world isn't easy, but it is incredibly important. Be it for health, performance, or aesthetics (or all of the above), we spend a great deal of time, money and energy in pursuit of this goal. The holidays don't have to undo it all. When healthful decisions are out of sight, reach for Phytolean. It is guaranteed to help you reach your target weight and stay there - safely, naturally, and effectively. Join the thousands of satisfied (and lean!) customers in wielding this potent weight-control weapon!

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