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Six Reasons why Tapioca is TOPS!


The original Perpetuem® and Sustained Energy formulas used corn-derived maltodextrin (complex carbohydrate), which was actually a very good maltodextrin. Regarding the GMO issue, which we’ve received a number of emails about, here’s the deal:

By the time it goes from source material (corn) to “finished product,” it has been extensively processed, so much so that the DNA of the corn is degraded and all that is left is the carbohydrate component, which of course is the maltodextrin. The protein component in the corn is completely gone, and with it all the lectins and allergens. Batches of the finished maltodextrin product from the manufacturer we use go through a test called PCR (polymerase chain reaction), and in every case no GMO residues, pesticides, or herbicides—even in parts per billion (ppb)—are ever detected. It is a VERY clean finished product with no undesirables in there.

Now, even though corn-derived maltodextrin was definitely a good one, when we find an even better one--in this case, a tapioca (cassava root)-derived maltodextrin--we’re absolutely going to go with it.

Advantages of a tapioca-derived maltodextrin:

  1. Tapioca requires far less processing than corn.

  2. Unlike corn, there is no GMO content in tapioca to begin with, so even though all the corn-derived maltodextrin we used in our products tested at 0ppb for GMOs, going with tapioca just saves us that hassle.

  3. Tapioca maltodextrin has naturally lower amounts of sodium and higher amounts of naturally occurring potassium. Given that most everyone consumes far too much sodium as it is, having more potassium and less sodium is a definite plus.

  4. Tapioca maltodextrin has a more-alkaline pH than corn-derived maltodextrin. Considering that we athletes are “acid-producing machines” during exercise, a more-alkaline pH is a highly desirable during-exercise feature/benefit.

  5. Tapioca maltodextrin has a lower Dextrose Equivalent (DE), which means lower mono and disaccharide (short-chain sugar) content, and a much higher percentage of polysaccharide (complex carb) content--in essence, a more “complex” complex carbohydrate--for even longer-lasting energy and endurance.

  6. Tapioca maltodextrin has same Glycemic Index (GI) as other forms of maltodextrin, so you get the fast-acting energy that you’re looking for.


Since you changed the formula I have been waiting for the kosher certificate.
I have been using Hammer products for many years and now I am out of perpetuem and recoverite.
Any plan to get the certificate soon?

Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hello, thank you for your patience and long-time support! The certification is currently at the vendor level, with an estimated completion in early January. Reminder: our classic flavors of Recoverite are still Kosher and discounted for our Family and Friends sale going on now! – LA

Dibo Hafez

I am “coming back” from a major Ileostomy surgery.
Tapioca Pudding is a major recommendation as part of my diet. I have had some in the past as a desert, but knew nothing of the health/energy value.
3 days ago i bought a #10 size can of Tapioca pudding.Today your Endurance News letter explained why.
I have used, and continue to use many of your supplements. Now I will use some more.
Perfect timing…I do not believe in coincidences.
Continue being what you are ……Clark Trowell

Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hi Clark, thank you for your comment and kind words. I agree with you 100% about coincidences and am continually amazed how often situations like this occur. We’ll keep on keepin’ on with the support of awesome clients like you! BDF

Clark Trowell


Always good info from you guys.

Regarding GMO, as one who grew up on a farm and has an ag degree I am not concerned about GMO crops. From my view, many people get freaked out by GMO crops. There are bigger things to worry about.

Thanks again, Josh
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Thanks for the positive feedback… we really appreciate it! Thanks, also, for your comments and viewpoints re: GMO crops. Regarding that, we have always taken a cautious/conservative side when producing all our products—“covering all the bases,” so to speak—just to be sure that none of our clients experienced any issues with GMO residues. That’s why we took the extra steps we did when it came to soy-derived maltodextrin. Of course, now that we are using tapioca-derived maltodextrin, those GMO issues/concerns no longer exist. (Steve B)

Josh Taylor

excellent, will be using this product

By the way, I ran the Davos Marathon a year ago July that starts and finishes at 5,300 and goes to 9,100 and was not trained at all, one run of 12 miles and the rest 3-5 miles about 3 times a week.

I am one of your first customers and am was 76 when I ran this.

Were it not for taking all the appropriate products you make I would never have made it.
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hello Henry, Thank you for your comment and three decades of support! Thank you also for the marathon report, that’s awesome. Our Swiss distributor Remo is based just down the hill in Schers. Look him up if you are over there again. BDF

Henry Osgood "Ozzie"

how about tapioca flavored fuels?
Hammer Nutrition replied:
Hi Matt, thank you for your comment and question. We are definitely working on that, but even more complicated than converting the powders. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as we do. BDF


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