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Overcoming Workout Weariness


Does this sound familiar?

You're just finishing a rigorous training session and the only thing on your mind is, When this is over, I'm getting out of these sweaty clothes, taking a nice long shower, and then kicking back for a while. Maybe I'll even take a nap. And when the workout is done, that's just what you do. I admit I've done the same thing, and it's a big mistake!

What we do in training is undoubtedly important, but if we neglect to consistently take the proper steps to recover properly, we will never get the full value out of the time and energy spent in training. Remember, the gains we make in our workouts occur during recovery, but only with adequate rest and optimal nutritional support. If we don't attend to that, we not only miss out on the benefits of our workouts, we can create more problems. If we overdo it in our training, meaning too high volume or intensity - and especially without adequate rest and nutritional support - we can find ourselves in that inhospitable place known as over-training syndrome, which means massively increased time to recover, coupled with an increased potential for getting sick and injured.

In my 17+ years at Hammer Nutrition, working with thousands of athletes, I remain convinced that if we recover properly between workouts and races - starting with refilling the tank with Recoverite ASAP - we will:

  • Be able to increase training volume and intensity without compromising the muscular and immune systems
  • Experience significantly fewer sick days
  • Enjoy more personal bests in races

The 6 Tips:

1) Consume a serving (2 scoops) of Recoverite right away after the workout's done. The quality of the fuel you put in your body after exercise determines the quality of your recovery. All you have to do is supply your body with the materials it needs within the first 30 minutes after exercise (the sooner, the better!) Recoverite is the high-quality fuel that your body craves after a workout session or race. It has an ideal 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates and the highest-quality whey protein isolate, which is the richest source of the amino acids needed for muscle tissue repair and immune system support. These two components are crucial for maximizing recovery, so don't take chances or cut corners with junk sugars and cheap, ineffective protein, such as casein.

After especially long, hard workouts and races - ones where you may find that you're just too tired to whip up a full meal, and that your stomach really isn't ready for solid food anyway - consuming a 4-scoop serving of Recoverite is the ticket for making sure your body receives the fuel it needs to kick start the recovery process.

Each serving of Recoverite also contains a generous 3,000 mg of glutamine - the most abundant amino acid in your muscles, and one that's severely depleted through intense exercise. Glutamine helps repair and rebuild muscle tissue, contributes to growth hormone release, is a key component for intestinal health, and has been shown to help raise bodily levels of a powerful antioxidant (glutathione) closely involved in immune system health.

2) Take 1 capsule of Chromemate with your Recoverite. This is an inexpensive, yet powerful way to enhance glycogen synthesis and storage capabilities - assisting with muscle cell refueling. According to Dr. Bill Misner, "Consuming a sufficient amount of carbohydrates along with Chromemate will result in a 300% increase in the rate of glycogen synthesis compared to no supplementation.

3) Take 1 capsule of Boron with your Recoverite. Taking supplemental boron on a daily basis is an excellent idea, as this trace mineral plays numerous roles in many general health areas. Boron is also key for restoring exercise-depleted hormone levels to normal, so it's a must take nutrient, especially after an arduous training session.

4) Resupply! After exercise, your body is in high need of nutrient support (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) Premium Insurance Caps (4-7 capsules) will take care of resupplying the vitamins and minerals (some antioxidants as well), and Hammer Nutrition's arsenal of potent antioxidant supplements - including Race Caps Supreme (1 capsule), Mito Caps (2 capsules), Super Antioxidant (1-2 capsules), and AO Booster (1 capsule now, 1 capsule with a later meal) - will supply wide-ranging protection against the damaging effects of increased free radicals after exercising.

5) Take this trio to help put the fire out!

  • Tissue Rejuvenator is superb for alleviating both muscle and joint soreness, and it really shines when used after those super hard training sessions. Take 2-4 capsules with your Recoverite, and another 2 capsules with a later meal to supply your body with a wide range of anti-inflammatory nutrients.
  • AO Booster is not only a potent antioxidant supplement; everything in the product has anti-inflammatory properties, as well. It's an ideal complement to Tissue Rejuvenator. Take 1 capsule with Recoverite and another capsule with a later meal.
  • The omega-3 fatty acids in EndurOmega are well known for their anti-inflammatory effects. I recommend taking 2 capsules with your post-workout meal, plus another 2 capsules at another time during the day.

6) Consume 1 scoop of Hammer Whey prior to bedtime. You don't necessarily need to do this after every workout, but definitely make it a habit prior to bedtime after your toughest training sessions - you'll definitely feel so much better the next morning. Mix 1 scoop of Hammer Whey Protein in 6-8 ounces of water and drink, then brush your teeth and go to bed. Simple! The body now has an excellent dose of amino acids, which it will use during a time (sleep) when it does many of its reparation/recuperative processes, and the 6 grams of glutamine will elevate serum human growth hormone (hGH) levels, which has anabolic (muscle building) effects. Whey protein is also the best protein source for alleviating muscle soreness, so you'll receive that benefit as well.

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