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Keep Your Immune System Strong!


Building and maintaining a strong immune system became a top priority for most people in 2020 and we wrote about it extensively in Endurance News and EN Weekly. Since this continues to be a hot topic, we’re sharing the best of those articles with you today. Adopt these tried-and-true practices to maintain your good health in 2021!

10 Tips to Stay Healthy Now and All Year Long - This article provides some simple steps and supplement suggestions for staying healthy and protecting your immune system all year long.

Stay Calm, Sleep Well, Stay Healthy - Stress and poor sleep are a double-whammy for your immune system. Read about how CBD and REM Caps can help with both!

Support Your Health! - Highlighting the benefits of exercise, the importance of sufficient recovery, and how whey protein (yes, whey protein!) can provide powerful immune-system boosting support is the focus of this article.

Three extremely interesting and information-filled articles written by Hammer Nutrition CEO, Brian Frank, who shares his vast knowledge about “not often thought of” ways to support strong immunity.

Stay Strong and Stay Healthy - Why Hammer Whey Protein—with its superior whey protein isolate and impressive amounts of glutamine—should be considered a “super food” for health.

Vitamin D - Is there any nutrient that has its hands in more areas of human health—especially strong immune system function—than vitamin D? Highly unlikely! This article also emphasizes the importance of including sufficient amounts of magnesium in your vitamin D regimen.

New Research! - This article discusses some of the most eye-opening research ever (and that’s not a stretch at all). The conclusion of this study? Compared to study participants taking a placebo, the participants who took a multivitamin/mineral supplement had a 60+% reduction in the number of sick days! WOW!

Now, we know this is a lot of information to digest (no pun intended), but we absolutely believe that every bit of it is vitally important and will be hugely beneficial for you. Remember that if/when you have questions, you can always give us a call toll-free at 800-336-1977, and one of our knowledgeable client support specialists will be happy to help. When you’re online, take advantage of our Live Chat feature. There you’ll be able to have your supplement and fueling questions answered by Lead Advisor, Steve Born.

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What single product do you recommend, from Hammer Nutrition of course, to strengthen the immune system? Thanks, Juan
Hammer Nutrition replied:
While there are some outstanding immune system-boosting products in the Hammer Nutrition line (e.g., Premium Insurance Caps, EnDuro D, Endurance C), if I had to pick but one supplement only, I’d go with Clear Day (, which is our allergy specific supplement. And while it works extremely well in dealing with and resolving allergy specific issues, when I did more research on each of the four ingredients in the product, it dawned on me that this is an extraordinary product for immune system support, arguably the best supplement for that purpose that I’ve seen in 30+ years in the nutrition industry. I discuss this in more detail in the article at

Steve Born

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